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Dr. Mandar S. Jog, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Mandar S. Jog trained in Neurology in Toronto and completed his fellowship in movement disorders with Dr. Anthony Lang. Afterward, he did a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in computational neuroscience at MIT and a visiting professorship at Stanford Research Institute. His research interests include topics such as motor control, neurophysiology and computational modeling, multichannel recording, and web-based teaching of movement disorders. Dr. Jog has also published two books on the mathematical basis of information processing in the brain.  In addition, he participates in many national and international clinical trials of new treatments for movement disorders. In 2013, Dr. Jog was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee award and this year won the President's Award for Innovation from the London Health Sciences Centre. Additionally, he has 180 peer-reviewed publications, written 12 book chapters, and given more than 170 speaking engagements.  Dr. Jog holds a professorship at Western University in the Departments of Clinical Neurological SciencesNeurosciencePhysiology and Pharmacology, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The London Movement Disorders Centre (LondonMDC) under the direction of Dr. Jog has been operating since 1998 and continues to grow its geographic reach, patient volume, and research capacity.  Our centre focuses on treatment of patients with neurological movement disorders, including Parkinson Disease, Dystonia, Tremor, Torticollis and many related diseases. Our team of physicians, nurses, researchers, and technologists strives to bring our patients the highest possible level of care. Our vision to become the pre-eminent global leader in movement disorders and our mission to work tirelessly to achieve this position are accomplished by focusing on the following five strategies:

1. Clinical Care: To provide outstanding clinical care through local and outreach programs
2. Research: To advance our extensive research program
3. Education and Training: To deliver world-class training to the medical community
4. Technology Transfer: To quickly move therapies from research bench to bedside
5. Operational Excellence:  To efficiently and effectively manage the centre

In 2008, the MDC was awarded the prestigious designation of Centre of Excellence by the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF). As a National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence, we pursue the highest standards of clinical care by creating a network of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Our innovative research initiatives improve quality of life for individuals living with Parkinson disease and their care partners.